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I’m Kristen Hassen and I can help lead your animal welfare organization into the future through proven strategies, innovative solutions, and meaningful connections.

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Work with Jackson Galaxy and Kristen Hassen

Do you feel like your organization needs a fresh start, a chance to finally fix the problems that are holding you back? In this exceptionally challenging moment for animal welfare, Jackson Galaxy and I have teamed up to provide in-person consultation services to a small number of animal welfare organizations.

We’re looking for organizations who want to do more than just survive – the ones who are willing to innovate, embrace the future, and set the standard for what sheltering can and should look like.

Learn more here, then reach out to Kristen to get started. We’re scheduling for 2024 now!

Areas of Expertise

Municipal Animal Services

Leadership and Management in Animal Welfare

Innovation and the Future of Animal Welfare

Animal Control and Animal Protection Services

Crisis Communications and Transparency

Community-Centered Animal Sheltering

My Services

I offer a variety of services for animal shelters remotely and on-site. Connect with me to discuss your specific needs and pricing.


Please reach out to me directly to be connected to professional references from the pet products industry, veterinary medicine, non-profit animal welfare national organizations, animal shelters, and more.

Blogs and resources

Pedigree Foundation: Build Your Dog Adoption Super Highway

Pedigree Foundation: Build Your Dog Adoption Super Highway

Increasing engagement with your community to get more pets adopted faster. Download this toolkit from the Pedigree Foundation.
Staff member opening a dog kennel, featured image for Facing a Space Crisis? Twelve Ways to Reduce Your Kennel Census Now by Kristen Hassen of Outcomes Consulting, consulting for animal welfare organizations

Facing a Space Crisis? Twelve Ways to Reduce Your Kennel Census Now

If you’re getting close to the dreaded statement, “We’re full,” here are twelve things you can do now to decrease the number of pets in your shelter.

From Intake to Engagement: Keeping and Getting More Lost Pets Home

Access this free workbook, created by Outcomes for Pets Consulting and Petco Love Lost, to get more lost pets home and out of your shelter.

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